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3 best ways to evaluate your packers & movers charge precisely




Your shifting plans might get ruined when the charges of packers and movers go beyond your budget. All of your happiness & joy of moving to another address will eventually turn into disappointment when the quoted price of hiring a shifting service provider doesn’t match your money spending limits. Like every family, you have got a fixed budget to avail of any service and it makes sense if you decline an offer that makes you compromise with your budget requirements.

In most cases, packers and movers share their relocation charges with free quotes so that customers can decide whether to hire them or not. But things turn regrettable when a moving company adds unreasonable charges to the final billing that entirely differs from the estimated costs. There are several factors that may increase the costs of packers and movers services availed as apart from the charges of packing, loading, moving, unloading, & unpacking of goods, a moving company can involve additional expenditure involved in extra laborers & distance covered during the move.

To tackle all major problems in the shifting rates, you must follow these 3 steps to evaluate your packers & movers charges to avoid confusion & hassles due to payment issues

1. Know the exact rates of shifting services:

While budgeting your expense for an upcoming move, you must get knowledge of standard rates of relocation services in the logistic market. Being a customer, it is your right to know the general pricing of packers and movers so that you won’t end up paying a lot more than the expected.

2. Consider facilities with value-added services:

When it comes to full-service relocations, you can expect packing, loading, & transportation of goods to be done by packers and movers assigned to you. Hence, the rates of these extra facilities provided with shifting services will be added to your package:

  • Packing material- The majority of top-rated packers and movers service providers will provide quality packing supplies to pack up your home, office, vehicles, or goods appropriately to ensure their safety throughout the shifting process. If a selected moving company is arranging all types of packing supplies such as bubble wraps, packing paper, cardboard boxes & cartons, tape, pair of scissors, &, etc. itself then you will be charged for it.

Usually, customers opt for both packing & moving of goods while hiring a relocation service provider so that they can purchase packing stuff from the local market. Paying a few bucks extra for packing material is much better than wasting your time in self-packing your goods. Therefore, it is a major pointer to define your criteria for estimating charges of shifting services.

  • Extra laborers involved- Your packers and movers will show up the basic rates of laborers in their quotations. While planning your budget for relocation, you must estimate the charges of each shifting personnel involved in packing & handling on goods as your final bill will be increased with the number of people needed for goods movement.
  • Transportation- While planning your budget, you must not forget to consider the rates of hiring a pickup truck/mover you select for shifting your goods. There will be some major variations in the charges of booking any type of loading truck, trailers, carriers, containers, canters, etc. used for transporting consignments for both short & long distance moves.
  • Distance, delays, & timing- If you need on-demand packers and movers to relocate urgently then charges are subjected to increase as costs of emergency shifting are higher than scheduled ones. Moreover, your shifting service provider can also impost extra charges if there are variations in pickup & drop locations as mentioned in the booking request made by you.

3. Cost of insurance, fuel, & incidentals:

If you choose to insure your goods while moving with any packers & movers then insurance charges will get added automatically in your final bill. In case of breakages or loss of items, customers can claim compensation from the insurance company associated with the concerned shifting service provider. Apart from insurance charges, you must also add the expense of extra fuel & time consumed to carry out the relocation of consignments that are delayed due to external factors.

So, we’ve explained the 3 most effective ways to simplify the evaluation of packers and movers charges for you. Hope you have got the best guidance to estimate the pricing of any shifting services you are planning to avail from a reliable and certified moving agency.


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3 best ways to evaluate your packers & movers charge precisely

Your shifting plans might get ruined when the charges of packers and movers go beyond your budget. All of your happiness & joy of...

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