Types of services provided by packers & movers in Greater Noida

home shifting

Household shifting

Do you know what accounts for an efficient household shifting? It’s an effective, timely, and safe management of your precious household items. Being one of the trusted packers and movers in Greater Noida, delicate and extremely careful domestic shifting we do involves managing your household movables, like home appliances, furniture, and so on, by our trusted, licensed, and highly-skilled professional movers catering household shifting as stipulated.

office relocation

Local & domestic

Local/domestic shifting involves managing relocation of your precious movables in any part of India. Short-route hauling of your movables falls into the category of local shifting, considering approximately less time it consumes to finally shift your belongings to a new address. Domestic shifting is a long-route hauling. It involves safe and damage-free relocation of your movables anywhere in the country. In both types of shifting, meticulous attention is exercised by our trained manpower for painless and delay-free relocation service

movers and packers

Office/corporate relocation

In our office/corporate relocation, we ensure the safe and timely shifting of your valuable items, like a piece of furniture, computers, and other related items handled by our trained staff delicately. Completely trusted and one of the best packers and movers in Greater Noida render you the leisure of relocating, an experience of sheer pleasure and delight for anywhere in Greater Noida, and in other parts of the country.

vehicle shifting

Vehicle Relocation

We provide exceptional automobile shifting service involving hassle-free, damage-free, and delay-free relocation of your precious vehicles to your designated address. We cover the longdistance move and short-distance move, each preferentially customized to suit your requirements; budget-wise, and consistent with your needs. Avoid the idea of last-minute rush and let our trained shifting workers take care of your vehicle relocation needs. Expert handling of your vehicle move is what underscores our service excellence in its entirety

Approximate Packers and Movers Greater Noida Charges for Local & Intercity Shifting

House Moving Size Local Shifting Charges Intercity Shifting Charges
1 BHK Flat/Apartment Rs 3,500 - 9,000 Rs 6,500 - 24,000
2 BHK Flat/Apartment Rs 5,000 - 13,000 Rs 8,500 - 28,000
3 BHK Flat/Apartment Rs 6,500 - 18,000 Rs 10,500 - 34,000
4/5 BHK Flat/Apartment Rs 8,500 - 25,000 Rs 15,500 - 48,000

Get The Best Deals With Professional Movers & Packers In Greater Noida

To give you the experience of completely streamlined and stress-free shifting service in Greater Noida, we work in consortium with a diverse network of highly-trusted moving brands. They are endowed with proven specialization in matters associated with damage-free and no-risk relocation service at prices preferentially customized to suit your budget. The expertise of these brands involves the relocation of your movables to every known and seemingly inaccessible area of the nation. Safe and swift packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking your consignments at your destined drop location is executed efficiently, plus allowing you to stay updated with the real-time updates of your goods, en-route.

We serve your shifting needs with provisions of various types of vehicles, encompassing trucks, cantors, bolero pickups, loading-trucks, 3-wheeler tempos, and a fleet of different vehicles of discrete size and features. Operated by trained drivers, these vehicles conclude doorstep shifting of your valuable movables as stipulated, regardless of the toughness of the roads and distance involved.

How To Avail Packers & Movers Services In Noida

Booking Requests packers & movers

Register your requests
for shifting service online.

Search Best packers & movers

We filter out best
recommendations for your needs.

Notified Confirmed Booking

Notification served to
you once booking is confirmed.

Our website gives you one touchpoint access to availing the most dependable shifting service in Greater Noida and any part of India. This means you don’t have to burn the midnight candle to search one of the best packers and movers in Greater Noida. In the least time-consuming manner, you get to choose our professional shifting service for household, corporate, and vehicle relocation needs to be attended by highly-trained shifting professionals. We serve you the delight of “never-seen-before” shifting.

Signup (with our app or via browser) to create long details to book our service via the app.

Among the listed services in different categories, book the one related to your needs.

Furnish the details, like pickup and drop locations. Alternatively, you can set the location on our app.

Next comes selection of visit time. Choose the time slot for our staff to visit your location.

Calculate the cost of booking from your booking details. If agreed, move ahead to confirm the booking.

Why Hire Packers And Movers In Greater Noida?

Search Best packers & movers
Live location tracking

The facility of live location tracking helps you stay updated on your movables in transit to yourdesired location. Real-time tracking of your movables loaded on our truck heading to yourdesignated location makes you feel stress-free as to safety concerns of your belongings.

Notified Confirmed Booking
24*7 Customer Care

Our 24x7 customer care system is readily available to serve you in the truest sense of satisfaction with answers consistent with the nature of your query related to shifting service. Prompt and competent, our round-the-clock customer support system lays the background for the most effective service response to the query of our customers in a manner deemed professionally apt.

Notified Confirmed Booking
Refunds & cancellation

To ensure serving you with the most satisfactory professional manner possible, we have in our support system the refund and cancellation, facilities you can avail by registering your query for refund or cancellation of shifting service. Post cancellation of our shifting service by you due to any valid reason under your discretion, we would initiate the request in the fastest business working days.

Notified Confirmed Booking
Premium-Quality Packing Material

We deem it our utmost professional responsibility to ensure full-fledged safety of your precious belongings. To this context, deploying in use the premium-quality packaging materials ensure the betterment of your movables in terms of safety, damage-free, and risk-free packing, loading, and unpacking. Our quality of packaging materials determines the full safety of your goods, whether they are fragile, sturdy, or tiny/big in structure, weight, or size.

Notified Confirmed Booking
Secure Online Payments

Payment against the booked shifting service via our Android & iOS apps goes through highlyencrypted safety notch, thus resulting in total and iron-clad cybersecurity of your precious money from unwanted threats on the web. We give you the leverage of enjoying the convenience of safe payment using your debit card, credit card, Net Banking, etc., right from the comfort zone of your own home.

Notified Confirmed Booking
Scheduled & Emergency Service

To hire best packers and movers in Greater Noida any time of your preferential time slot also involves emergency service booking, to serve your immediate needs regarding shifting service. Scheduled booking or emergency like shifting we offer you to make your moving painless. All you need to do is just let us know pick-up and drop address and see our shifting employees translate your shifting woes into a comfy and hassle-free experience.

Notified Confirmed Booking
Price Estimates Before Booking

One of the most notable features of our shifting service is you can learn the entire cost of booking the moment you are done selecting your options from the given service categories on our web page. While this expedites your process of booking shifting service, it also allows you to calculate the entire cost you can choose consistent with your budgetary needs.

Notified Confirmed Booking
Team Of Exceptional Shifting Experts

Our team of exceptional shifting experts is the backbone of our entire shifting operations, ensuring the seamless and risk-free moving of the valuables of our esteemed customers. Relocation is carried out under strict supervision of these experts, who then take into notice all mandatory factors to finally ensure damage-free, safe, and convenient shifting of your movables/properties to your address.

Notified Confirmed Booking
Shifting With Uncompromising Punctuality & Quality

We retain every right in the core of our professionalism to deliver your shifting service punctuated with the stipulated time slot you furnished with us while booking our service. This means rendering you uncompromising punctuality of our world-class shifting service to meet your shifting requirements well. In fact, timely deliverance of quality shifting is what emphasizes our motto, to serve you better.

Some Handy Tips For Safe & Faster Shifting

Check Your Inventory Status

Don’t risk losing or missing your valuables just because you forgot to note them down. The importance of each and every item to be shifted is as more valuable as shifting itself. Hence, to avoid the loss or missing your precious belongings, count them well, or take their pictorial accounts before getting them loaded in a truck.

Plan Your Shifting Early

The golden nugget of planning your shifting in advance holds its worth significantly. For starters, it helps you prioritize item-wise packing based on their individual strength, size, or dimensional feature. For instance, delicate packaging of fragile and breakable items to ensure their safety or bulky items to be boxed in to avoid last time rush, packing early in advance has its own benefits.

Don’t Pack Beyond Permissible Limits

This means over-stuffing or over-loading items to shift them all in one go could invite a chance of their imminent damage due to accidental fall. You are advised not to pack items beyond permissible limits of packaging materials like cartons/boxes. Problems during packing, loading, and unloading would have to be dealt with if you overstuff goods, let alone uncalled for hassles it invites.

Be Selecting In The Most Essentials

First of all, make a list of items to be shifted. Then, sort out those most essentials to be shifted. Sale or donate rest of the items no longer needed. But don’t take the risk of taking them all items, like pieces of furniture, home appliances, kitchen items, stationery items, and so on. Now it largely depends on your discretion to sort out the most essential belongings but do remember, the fewer items you carry, the more painless shifting you would experience, let alone saving money on expensive shifting.

Search For Packers And Movers And Get Quotes

Search for a few most reputable packers and movers in Greater Noida. Make a comparative analysis of their quotes. At last, pick up the one sounding very conducive to your shifting requirement consistent with your budget.

Request For Pre-Move Survey

If you are not sure about the cost details of booking reflecting on a website of a mover, raise a request for a pre-move survey. The professional staff of the moving company will conduct home-visitation, survey your belongings in terms of their numbers, weight, and other factors. Later, discuss in detail of your shifting needs and clarify your doubts before scheduling the service. Moreover, a pre-move survey can help you determine the exact costing of shifting, plus some best housing shifting tips by professionals.

Important FAQs for Movers & Packers Services

How Can I Ensure If A Shifting Company Is Genuine, Credible, And Authentic?

A thorough verification or background check of a shifting company would finally reveal to you the credibility and authenticity of the company. Among many packers and movers in Greater Noida, not all of them are licensed and so, they are not certified to carry out shifting business. Therefore, verify these brands by personally visiting their offices to get to know their physical entity, infrastructure, and manpower strength, etc. Ask their company license, registration, and years of service in shifting. Ask about transit insurance if provided, transportation vehicles, and also check their goodwill with internet help.

When Should I Plan For My Home Shifting?

To avoid thankless hurriedness at the last moment of relocation, plan your home shifting at least a few days earlier from the scheduled moving. This would save you considerable time in managing household items, in terms of their meticulous packing in order of their priorityusage, weight, delicacy, and importance. You can also take pictorial details of your item to avoid their potential loss. Early booking can also clarify your purpose to prioritize the cost, distance of shifting, and check the goodwill of your moving company as well.

What Are The Chances Of Fraud In Hiring A Moving Company?

Very! That’s why we recommend you thorough verification of packers and movers in Greater Noida, in terms of their market goodwill, license, registration, and other credentials to help you make an informed hiring decision of a credible shifting brand.

Would I Be Refunded; In Case I Am Not Happy With The Shifting Service?

Absolutely! For any valid reason for suspending our shifting service based on your discretion, we would process your refund request within appropriate working days once having received the request on your end.

How Do You Insure Against The Risk Of Damage On Shifting?

We provide shifting insurance categorized under – Goods Transit Insurance, and Allinclusive insurance. The first one covers the risk of damage at a time of transporting your goods in our truck. The second one covers the risk of damages throughout the shifting process. Please call us for more details.

Do You Have Enough Manpower To Carry Out A Safe Shifting Service?

Yes, we have enough manpower at your disposal to carry out safe and damage-free shifting for our clients. Shifting staffs are professional, experienced, and well-trained. Attention to detail, meticulousness, and friendly behavior is their attributes that would leave you impressed. They handle shifting chores under utmost professional responsibility.

When Is The Right Time For Home Shifting?

You can plan your home shifting either on weekends or on weekdays. Remember, each such options have their respective pros and cons. For instance, shifting on weekends/holidays would be expensive considering high demands compared to shifting on weekdays that is relatively an affordable option for you. Please get in touch with us for more suggestions and planning for your home shifting under budget.

What Is The Cost Variant In Shifting?

The shifting-costs differ, according to the types of service chosen, the truck needed, and whether the booked shifting involves a domestic shifting or a local one. For example, shifting of few items in a mini truck for a local shifting would cost you less, compared to moving bulky items in a 14 feet truck for domestic shifting.

How Do You Rate Yourself Among Other Packers And Movers In Greater Noida?

We don’t subscribe to the idea of comparing ourselves with others. It’s futile. Rather, we believe in offering high-quality shifting accompanied by punctual and risk-free moving for our clients. Our concentrated focus on how to maximize our service for your shifting requirement is what galvanizes best than comparison, which we believe you are the best judge of that.

Can I Get Quotes For Shifting Even A Single Item, Say Refrigerator?

You will get quotes, but the shifting companies would demand you some charges, according to its policy.

Can I Track My Consignment?

Yes. You can track your consignment in real-time, using our app, or contacting our 24-hrs. active helpline service.